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A weapon can be anything that simulates the action of a real or fancied weapon in a harmless manner. Below many common types of weapons are described, although this list is not exhaustive. Agents may approach Q for permission to use a new weapon that is not covered below.

Basic principles of K.A.O.S. weapons

  • Safety. We are trying to `kill' people not hurt them. Excessive force must be avoided or assassins will be penalised. Deliberate targeting of the head of a victim will be penalised.
  • Lack of Realism. Unlike the good old days, it's unwise these days to use anything that looks like a real gun, knife, sword, bomb, poison, etc. Actually it wasn't always a good idea in the good old days either. 1
  • No property damage. Physical damage to clothing, building, cars, etc is not allowed.
  • Balance. No weapon should give one agent a clear advantage over the other the agents in the round.

No Halberds.

Weapon Permits

New and Exotic weapons must be submitted for the approval of Q before they can be used in a round. Q will make their judgement based on the following principles.

  • Safety. No agent should be allowed a weapon they are unwilling to have used on themselves.
  • Fairness. No weapon should be guaranteed of an automatic success in a kill attempt. No nukes!
  • Style. Does Q find the weapon amusing?
  • Ease. A weapon should give a clear result as to its success or failure in an assassination attempt.

He showed up one day when I was Q with a bible, wanting a permit to use it to kill people. He was given one on the restriction that he had to approach his target while loudly reciting a verse (preferably something nice and loud from Revelations) in his best evangelist voice. Then to smite the target repeatedly (but not too hard) with said Bible, until they were either dead, or they'd had enough. Apparently he was very good at it.

No Tactical Nukes.

Common Weapons

Common weapons do not require a permit from Q before they can be used in a killing round. They also tend to be cheap and easy to find. All agents should equip themselves with a ranged and a contact weapon if possible.

Never bring an unloaded gun to a knife-fight

Of course you don't need to use your own common weapon to make a kill. Agent Ian Barnes once played an entire round without a water pistol. All his kills were made with the victim's water pistol. `Gee that's a nice waterpistol, can I have a look at it' is one of the classic sucker lines of K.A.O.S.

Ranged Weapons

These are legal for Open Kill Zones only. The traditional ranged weapon is a Water Pistol or Nerf Gun. Hitting the Victim's body is sufficient to kill them.

Contact Weapons

These are legal for Open Kill Zones and most Indoor locations on campus. If an Assassin brings a contact weapon into contact with a Victim, the Victim is dead. You may not strike against the head or genitals of your Victim, such kills will not be counted and may lead to disciplinary action.

Realistic rubber or plastic knives are no longer permitted; but this still leaves such things as fun-noodles and rubber chickens. Agent Mouse's inflatable banana killings; in which he was required to run at the target screaming, and then beat them wildly with the banana, are a good example It was surprising how many people just stood still and stared in surprise while he ran screaming at them at the top of his lungs.

Go on, open it

Letter Bombs

A "letter bomb" is piece of paper with "BOOM!" written on it, at least the size of a credit-card, and sealed in a "package" by the assassin so that the writing isn't visible. The package may be the paper, but must still be at least credit card sized when folded, rolled, spindled, scrunched-up or mutilated.

The letter bomb only kills the person who breaks the seal (or the container). The seal may be something like string, tape, glue or gum, but shouldn't damage somebody else's property; you broke it, you bought it!

Packages must be no bigger than 30cm (a foot) in any dimension, but apart from that can be almost anything. Envelopes, two pages of a book, tobacco pouches and pencil cases are just some possiblities, so agents should be on their guard!

Bombs which do not meet the criteria for standard letter bombs may still be used with approval from Q, see Exotic Weapons.

Q can defuse a letter-bomb if you find the seal without breaking it, but there may be "administrative fees" involved in calling out the bomb squad.


Any substance that leaves a mark may be used to indicate contact poison. The victim must touch the poison of their own volition, i.e. poison is not a contact weapon! Toothpaste is a traditional K.A.O.S. poison. Gloves are recommended, as you are not immune to your own contact poison!

The use of white powders to represent poison should be strictly avoided.

Poison may also be ingested in food or drink. To be effective this must noticeably alter the taste of the substance consumed. The assassins must replace anything spoiled by the poison at their own expense.

You may not spike drinks in bars, with any substance, under any circumstances.

You are required to take due care not to use any poison to which your victim may be allergic. If you have an allergy, you must be sure to inform Q when you enter a round that doesn't forbid the use of poisons.

Prospective poisoners may have to discuss their intended choice of poison with Q, or directly observe their intended victim consuming it. Never just assume that somebody eats peanuts or onions.

You may not use a poison that your intended victim avoids as a lifestyle choice (e.g. meat, alcohol)

Bearing these restrictions in mind, substances like curry powder are commonly used as poisons.

1. As the unfortunate outcome of the `Beijing by Night' round, held in the late 80's demonstrates. An uninformed bystander, on spotting skulking agents with realistic waterpistols, called the police. Embarrasment ensued.

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